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Minh Thu Vina Company wishes to contribute to the success of customers by providing products and services of high quality, competitive price ...




  • Company mission and value

  • \\ company mission and value \\ Company mission and value
  • Minh Thư Vina' mission is to contribute to its clients success by providing high quality products and services with reasonable price and on time delivery .

    Minh thư Vina Core Values consist of this features:

    • Expertise - We take pride in contributing our expertise and strive for constant professional improvement.

    • Proactive - We can easily adapt to all kinds of situation and bring forth the best solutions promptly .

    • Responsible - We take responsibility for our actions and we use sufficient measures to provide a Quality and Low price Product for all.

    • Innovative - We acknowledge talents and creativity. We are motivated to pursue new and better alternatives to deliver the best results.

    • Teamwork - We get things done by working harmoniously and sharing our unique talent to reach our common goal